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Runtime: 944 Photos, 66 min of video

She was helpless. Her hands and ankles were bound while a penis penetrated her throat. She looked over while being face porked and began to sob. She produced such filth and was caused to wear it. She was DP’d as her shiny shackles kept her still and compliant. She’d wince with every deep thrust but she’d moan, too. She was getting off on being totally helpless. The sodomy was painful, but that’s what big dicks do when they thrust hard and deep into an asshole. They BTFO that hole. She drank the yellow discipline and didn’t even have to be told to swallow it. She took 4 giant loads and ate them all, and wiped them deep into her pores. Her face was so shiny. Boots took her head and rammed it into the full whore bowl. She was not pleased, but she remained there, compliant and degraded.

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