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It Only Gets Worse

Added: January 7, 2023 | Runtime: 01:00:28 | 916 Photos
Every time she comes back, her backstory gets worse. The stories she tells makes me cringe, but hey, at least she's not creepy like my nimbyist stalker fanboi who moonlights as a fake journo and sits on a butt plug clenching his cheeks as he ruminates about me... wtf, I digress af. Anyways, back to the story. She told some horrible stories, and Bootleg and the Vaccinated Vandal made hate to this whore. They fucked her ass and shoved their dicks in her mouth. They gave her a dose of yellow discipline like my stalker dishes out yellow journalism. She took the belt to the back like a piece of property. The Vaccinated Vandal shot his spike protein filled load deep in her pussy and then spread her beef like surf and turf. His pearl white load was covering her cervix and slowly seeping into her womb. She loved that whiteboy cum. She got antiqued with her slop at the end, but only after plenty of cum covered her face in a degrading show of debauchery. I don't know why she loves this so much and maybe that's why we love her. She's a glutton for punishment like my cuck stalker.

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