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Ghetto Gaggers ® Flashback

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Runtime: 983 Photos, 59 min of video

It was all going well until Boots busted out the belt. A key was turned that unlocked an S show of a latent past. It made for some awesome footage. This girl was a submissive as she was tiny. Her little asshole got fucked and she tasted her bowels and ate man ass. Leashed and leathered, minus the flamboyance, a prolapsed colon, an inappropriate drag queen show and monkey pox. I digress. She was whiner. She'd crawl around barking like a puppy and put her face in the whore bowl and ate her own slop. This beautiful spinner got wrecked and swallowed yellow discipline like a maoists mouth washing. Bootleg fucked her pussy as she sucked her thumb. It was perfect, and she's the perfect performer for such a number as this. She took 3 loads and hated eating it like a cracker hates seasoned food. I'm off folks, because tomorrow I enter the town of my birth. I want to be ready.

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