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Ghetto Gaggers ® Diva

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Runtime: 26 min of video

This scene is dedicated to all our members and fans who have been with us since day one. This is a scene from the early hotel days which I was able to recover from an old damaged IDE hard drive. I present it to you today as a gesture of homage and a trip down memory lane as a reminder to us all about our modest and humble beginnings. Diva is 18, she came to us to make some extra money. Keep in mind that during circa 2004 we would be happy if anyone showed up to that seedy motel room, so we weren't exactly picky, but an 18 year old is an 18 year old, even if this scene is 10 years old. She wasn't a fan of the Face Fucking. Every time mine and Big Red's cock penetrated her throat she would squeal like pig. Over and over we fucked her face until she was a few pounds lighter as all that soul food ended up on the cheap motel carpet, so we took it to the bed to penetrate that 18 year old hood hole. After fucking her for a bit, I got the distinct feeling that her ghetto gash could take two cocks, so Red and I stuck both our cocks in her pussy and proceeded to pound away. She was a deer in the headlights. Having very little sexual experience, and then taking two dicks at once like the little slut she is, she laid back between two white men like an Oreo as she proceeded to get her stretched out like an old pair of sweat pants. After a good while of working over her holes, 3 thick whiteboy loads were place across her black face with complete and utter disregard. You could tell she wasn't too proud of herself as the cum seeped into her eyes. She wanted it off, but I told her to sit there like a good little slut as the shame, indignity, and abasement process was not yet complete. After the cum began to lose its pearlyness and gelatinous texture it began to drip down to her fat tits and hang of her chin like a retard who just stuffed his face with noodles. There she sat, sad and broken.

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