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Runtime: 750 Photos, 59 min of video

I love a pair of black, milky tities. It reminds me when I used to beat it to National Geographic. It was like that all over again, except she didn't have a plate in her lip and I was able to milk those fuckin black bags. She squirted milk on Bootlegs dick, he stuck it in her ass, and she sucked her milk and ass juice right off the white rod. That dick pumped her holes over and over that they were BTFO. She is very obedient... no sass, and just takes in the throat and her black ass. Bootleg fucked her pussy, too, but didn't really spend too much time in it as he was up her ass and down her throat. She drank yellow discipline, and took 3 loads to her face and drank every drop that coated her pretty black face. She got bleached and she loved it.

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